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Surveys & Inspections

MBE Ltd has extensive experience of providing structural inspections and surveys to assist clients with the diagnosis and repair of many forms of structural defect. When we talk about “surveys & inspections”, we are usually referring to the visual inspection and/or physical investigation of structural damage or movement to buildings for private entities or public bodies.  There could be cracking or movement that may be affecting a property that is either being bought or sold or, in the case if operational business premises, the issues may be hindering the business or be alarming to visitors, occupants or workers. 

We carry out specific structural inspections to investigate matters affecting a building’s structure or condition. Our dedicated structural engineering team has expertise in all forms of building, from large portal frames, office blocks and retail outlets to residential, period and listed properties as well as non-standard construction.

Structural inspections and/or investigations are usually commissioned as part of the purchase or during the disposal of a property.  Sometimes such inspections can arise after accidents or incidents; perhaps a fire or vehicle impact.  Or our services may be required to inspect the structural fabric that is found to be damaged or defective during refurbishment projects, or to assist when unforeseen issues arise. Our typical engagements include the diagnosing of structural defects, specifying remedial measures and the design and detailing for structural repairs.


The practice has a long record of conducting structural surveys or inspections, with the knowledge and experience to identify and assess any potential problems with a building’s structure.  We can provide structural inspections for a variety of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  Structural inspections can be a valuable tool for managing the safety of your property and the occupants. Mostly we are engaged by our clients to provide identification of any structural defects, such as cracks, subsidence, or deterioration of materials.




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