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Domestic Projects

MBE Ltd has extensive experience of providing structural and civil design consultancy services to assist with many forms of domestic project. When we talk about “domestic” projects, we are usually referring to projects that private homeowners undertake to make improvements to their own domestic homes.  Such projects usually involve creating more space, adapting existing accommodation or improving the aesthetic or quality of the home.    

Usually, these “domestic” projects involve modifications to the load paths; for instance, the removal of internal or external load bearing walls.  Sometimes, but not always, the modifications include extensions, such as loft conversions or “tag on” elements.  But, other alterations or refurbishments can, at times, involve extensive and complex changes to property.  Whatever structural modifications are required, MBE Ltd can be of assistance. At MBE Ltd we understand that most people who seek assistance with this sort of work are not experts and require help with the process of getting their personal projects delivered.  

Our comprehensive and affordable residential structural engineering design packages include the following services:

  • Calculations report and structural summary drawings for your project.

  • A fully qualified and experienced structural engineer assigned to your project and where required, answer any queries from you, your builder or the council until completion.

    Structural engineering calculations form an essential part of Building Regulation applications for new builds and it is important that you submit the structural design as part of the building control application.  Our design packages are suitable for all types of house extension, renovation and self-build projects.

We can assist we providing effective and efficient structural designs to suit the requirements of the project and regularly we help our clients seek competent builders and obtain Building Regulations approval for their projects, where structural alterations are envisaged.

In some circumstances, clients embark on these projects without the benefit of having professional advice upfront and, in this instance, MBE Ltd has a track record of assisting clients obtain retrospective Building Regulations approval for works already undertaken by their builders. 




Domestic Projects

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